I taught myself to run before learning to walk.

I wonder how many Taylor Swift references I’ll hear today.

(Because today I turn 22.)


By Erica Kuschel.

If this doesn’t make you want to visit Peru, then you don’t deserve to see these pics. Shoo shoo scroll away.

(via runforfunlovelife)

A whole foods just opened up in my town.
Finally, I’ve found the place to go hang around in until I meet my future husband.

I’m certified to train people now! 

It’s July and Texas and I’m about to go for a run in 70 degree weather at noon.

This is such a ridiculous happening that I have to document it on tumblr.

Today I ran 20 miles, put in a good few hours of studying, ate spaghetti squash and watched Breaking Bad.
Best kind of day off.